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Us Open 9-Ball 2019

Cuescore was used as the official scoring service in US Open 9-Ball 2019 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Us Open 9-Ball 2019

Cuescore was used as the official scoring service in US Open 9-Ball 2019 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.
Matchroom sport - Mosconi cup


Cuescore started in 2015 with The Norwegian Billiards Federation as the pilot customer. I became the Lead Designer, in fact the only designer the same year.

In 2019 Matchroom Multi Sport was pleased to announce that CueScore became the new Official Scoring Partner of Matchroom Pool events. Matchroom Sport is one of the largest sport promotion companies in the world promoting sports like boxing, golf, basketball, poker and darts.
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2015 - 2020

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Brand Identity
Graphic design
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After Effects
Cinema 4d
Canon EOS 550d

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Matchroom Pool
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Swedish Billiards Federation
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The Royal Dutch Billiards Federation
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Metrics 2017

3 354
Number of events
17 525
Visitors every month
385 289
Page views every month

Metrics 2018

6 650
Number of events
70.08 %
29 807
Visitors every month
749 781
Page views every month

Metrics 2019

10 797
Number of events
148.26 %
74 000
Visitors every month
43.58 %
1 076 546
Page views every month

Some numbers Jan/Feb 2020

5:25 min
Session duration
2 095 660
Page views
5.42 visits
Sessions per user
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The Norwegian Billiards Federation

We have started using CueScore and so far we are very happy. CueScore has really revolutionized the way to manage tournaments and in addition you get a great overview of results and ranking lists. We can definitely recommend other organizations to use CueScore.
Cuescore aims to become the eco system that connects the world of billiards.
The Vision illustration
“..Cuescore really set the standard and made cue sports easy to access and follow... it’s simply the best for organizers, players and fans worldwide..”

The Cuescore Team

Thomas Stavang Pedersen
ceo / developer
Thomas Stavang Pedersen
Head of frontend- & backend programming. He has also been the leader of Oslo Billiard Club for many years, and an active American Pool and Snooker player. He has also experience as a tournament manager.
Jan Otto Weberg
project manager & sales
Jan Otto Weberg
Educated as a mechanical engineer and economist and takes care of sales, customer follow-up and support.
Jan Thomassen
visual designer
Jan Thomassen
Has a demonstrated work experience within UI/UX, identity and animation from Expology and JCDecaux in Norway among others, who also happens to be an active American Pool player.

Affiliates & Ambassadors

Damianos Giallourakis
pro player
Damianos Giallourakis
One of the top pro players in the world. Has made a solid impact in social media with his jump shot videos aka Jumpmaster D.
Gino De Ruyter
pro manager
Gino De Ruyter
A highly experienced manager living in Netherlands. Has been hired as tournament director of US Open 9-Ball in Las Vegas among others.

The overall challenge

A more unifying and effective tool, that makes it easier to create and manage events, and administrate the Sport of Billiards.
The Norwegian Billiards Federation bannerThe Norwegian Billiards Federation bannerThe Norwegian Billiards Federation banner


  • A multitude of billiard sports and disciplines to keep track of.
  • Difficult to set up billiard events.
  • A lot of hours got wasted on manual tasks.
  • Inconsistent organization of events.
  • Hard to find results and statistics.
  • Lack of livescore and livestream video.

Target groups & needs

Cuescore target groups


Need a platform that gather all their activities in one place and can be an umbrella for connected organisations below. They need to schedule and manage official billiard events, members, regions and all the administrative work that follows in a better way.


Need a platform that gather all their activities in one place. They also need a system to schedule events, manage members, fees, handicap- and ranking lists.


Need a system that let them schedule, create and manage billiard events with ease and a tool to communicate with players and audience.


Need a tool to find events, join events, pay event- and member fees, see upcoming matches, detailed overview of tournaments & leagues,  match info with match start, venue, table number and results & stats of their playing.

Audience & Fans

Need a tool to find true live scores, results, upcoming events and livestream video together with information about players and stats.

The Solution

Create events icon
Easy to create events
Manage events icon
Easy to manage events
Digital scoreboards icon
Digital scoreboards
Automated tasks icon
Automated tasks
Share info & video icon
Easy to share and find
information & video
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Unite the sport of billiards
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Scoreboard prototypes


American pool

Livestream overlay

Cuescore has graphic overlays connected to the events. Users can use tools like OBS to implement the overlays. Everything will be automatic as long as the scores get updated on the digital scoreboards or within the tournament brackets.

Livestream overlays

Cuescore aims to improve the overlays that's connected to the events. Users can use tools like OBS to implement the overlays. Everything will be automatic as long as the scores get updated on the digital scoreboards or within the tournament brackets.

Some problems of the existing product

Although the majority of customers seam to be satisfied with the current solution, there are of course an infinite way of improvements to do.

The signed in homepage is boring, little engaging and not very helpful.

The dashboard for the PRO product is still 960 px wide on desktop and inefficient.

The billiards event page needs a more seamless integration with the event settings and the dashboard.

The event settings has dead navigation ends.

The player profile is incomplete and could be better integrated with the homepage.

A new Cuescore prototype

Target group 1
99% of the users are players.
Goal 1
The homepage shall be a more helpful, interesting, dynamic, understandable and a more seamless user-experience.
Target group 2
Organisations and Managers - the paying customers.
Goal 2
A more helpful, time-saving and user-friendly management tool.
A better distinction between the social/player homepage and the management product.
  • The homepage is divided into three tidy and logical sections to get a better overview of related content.
  • We have introduced a new top bar navigation menu which contributes to a more seamless pattern of use ++
  • We have created a new and improved dashboard that will serve the organisations and managers in a much better way.
  • The overall design has received a much needed renovation.
Cuescore prototype mobile
A new Cuescore prototype

Feedback of the new prototype

Cuescore stakeholder icon
Stakeholder 1
"It looks very nice...this is a super level up!!"
Cuescore stakeholder icon
Stakeholder 2

Brand & product logos

Primary brand logo
A logo with a distinct mark and color. The letters are bent to emphasize the symbol in the center, and to balance the weight of the overall composition.The hexagon shape is used with the holistic visual identity in mind.
Product logo 1
We created a unique logo set for the actual products to distinguish them from the primary brand.

The PRO product got a touch of green color to stand out among all the blue elements on the website.

The green symbolise something positive and uplifting.
Product logo 2
The Premium logo got the same color as the main logo to give it a stronger connection to the primary brand.

Both product logos has a more modern typography with lowercase letters to make a clearer distinction from the primary brand.

Jumpmaster D

Damianos Giallourakis from Greece is one of the top American pool players in the world. He has gone viral with his jump shot videos. He is also a Cuescore ambassador and Cuescore is a proud sponsor of him.

Cuescore colors

Cuescore fonts


This project is by far the most extensive project I have been part of.
It has been a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs.

I am really proud of what our team has achieved. Who would think that three people from Norway could create a tool, that became the official management scoring service in a US Open event?

I have learnt that we need to see the bigger picture before we try to solve any problems. We need to have a great user journey with logical steps, and make sure we meet users’ needs before we start to implement a solution. A complete design system is essential for efficiency,  consistency and scale – something we are still only in the initial phase of.

Everything is possible even though more time & resources help a lot :)

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