A new online service to book home visits of Psychologists.

The Challenge

Zpin promised to present a proposal of a brand identity + a landing page about 2 weeks after the second meeting.

The Outcome

Even though Hjemmepsykologene liked the concept they unfortunately chose to keep the project on hold. They eventually created an internal team to solve hjemmepsykologene.no.
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Brand Identity
Interactive Prototype
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After Effects
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Linda Johansen, 45 years
Frogner, Oslo
Hjemmepsykologene wanted to focus on middle aged women living in Oslo West.
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Happiness, anger, sadness, fear, disgust, and surprise are the six emotions that are universally expressed.
Happiness, anger, sadness..
Happiness, anger, sadness..
Happiness, anger, sadness..
Happiness, anger, sadness..
Happiness, anger, sadness..
Happiness, anger, sadness..
..maybe not on home visits?

Two wishes for the web solution

Hjemmepsykologene wanted a left side menu in desktop view to stand out more from a similar service of Home Doctors.

The hero section of the landing page had to have four key phrases like "Stay home" and "Feel safe".


Even though the project was canceled, it was fun as long as it lasted. An important topic that definitely needs this service, so it will be exciting to follow the progress of Hjemmepsykologene.

Now that the identity job did not materialize, maybe someone else want to use the brand identity? In this case, contact Zpin.

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